About Us

Customized pulp moulded protective packaging and packaging solutions

KINYI Technology Limited is an company of custom different kinds pulp moulded packaging. It is located in the world famous manufacturing city-Dongguan of China.

Materials we use:

Mainly sugarcane bagasse, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, wheat straw pulp, recycled carton, A4 paper or other biodegradable natural fiber

Advantages we have:

1). We have our own design team and factory;

2). We also integrate other factories and mould factories to provide more flexible and comprehensive services; 

3). Our sales team are professional so to provide efficient replies and proposals 

Services we provide:

3D designing

Mould developing

Sample producing

Bulk manufacturing

Relevant packaging materials sourcing

Cooperated with us:

1). Send us details like size, color, quantity, pictures, drawing(if any) of actual products to be packed;

2). We provide solutions(including 3D drawings and quotation) based on details and requirements;

3). Solution confirmed, customers pay the sample tooling fee and we make samples;

4). Samples confirmed, customers place order, pay the production tooling fee and deposit of bulk products;

5). Production finished, we send proof of finishment, customers pay the balance and we delivery the goods.

Why pulp moulded packaging?

1). Environmental Performance

Recyclable, biodegradable and compostable; Low water consumption, no waste water or gas during production so to reduce pollution; In line with international environmental requirements.

2). Sources Of Raw Materials

Raw materials are mainly waste paper or annual plant fiber. They are renewable with short growth cycle and

extensive sources. They are easy to collect and the cost is relatively low.

3). Physical Properties

High strength and excellent buffering performance; Anti-shock;

Flexible to be molded into different structures, shapes, surface finish and thickness;

Stackable to reduce volume and delivery cost;

Good breathability so they are suitable for packing fresh products;

Can be made waterproof, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, anti-static or with other special performance by adding

corresponding safe additives during production.

4). Applications

Can be widely used in packing all kinds of products; Or can be made into ready-to-use products.